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Total Revenue Management 

You know that simply revenue managing your business is no longer enough to succeed. But the ability to look at multiple revenue streams and determine the most profitable business, day in and day out, can feel like a losing battle - there simply isn't enough time in the day. This intensive two-day course will empower you to cut through the noise

and focus on the areas that will make the most significant difference to your hotels' profitability, 

no matter what the revenue stream. 

The Details

Date - 00/00/0000  

Venue - Test Location 

Price: £00.00 (includes coffee breaks and lunch)

What You Will Learn

This two-day workshop enables experienced revenue leaders to understand: 

  • The key metrics that you need to focus on and how to identify what is your most profitable Rooms, Food and Beverage and Meetings business.

  • How changing to a “profit mindset” can have immediate results.

  • How to bring this new mindset to life in your business, having a positive impact on all your colleagues.

Is This Course For You?

This course is best suited to revenue leaders who have some experience in revenue management and have seniority in the business to effect change. It is also suitable for other senior leaders in a hotel who are transitioning into a revenue or wider commercial role.

Image by Austin Distel

What’s Covered?

  • The Profit Metrics - The measures we need to put in place.

  • Show me the (Rooms) Money! - Identifying how to make the most profitable revenue stream even more profitable. 

  • Our Biggest RGI “Shifter”? - Meetings business and how it can drive increased share.

  • Food and Beverage (the cream on top) - Looking at the F&B profit levers and how you can activate them for everyone.

  • Pulling it all Together - how you can lead the perfect “Total Revenue Management” Meeting.

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