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Enabling Engaged, More Fulfilled Leaders

When I set up Lightbulb Consulting I wanted what I did to make an impact, not just to a company, but to people. I have been lucky enough to have worked with a few great coaches and leaders along the way and as a result, have grown as a leader and person - I try to bring that experience to my coaching.

Patrick Wimble

Lightbulb Coaching

Is This You?

Have you ever said any of these to friends, colleagues or your boss?


  • Someone soon is going to spot that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

  • Can I really have it all? family, friends and a great job. What has to give?

  • Some days I dread going to the office.

  • I am tired of always having to make all the decisions.

  • I have to know everything that is going on in my team. If I don’t I will lose control.

  • I can procrastinate better than anyone!

  • I keep getting passed over for promotion. Is it me? Or them?

  • I am on the hamster wheel, spinning away, but going nowhere. How do I change?


If you recognise any of these, you are not alone! My clients often start out with similar thoughts. You might also be a little apprehensive about coaching. You may have been asked to look into coaching by your boss, or recognised yourself that you need help and think a coach might be the way forward.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful relationship that helps you gain self-awareness, clarify your goals and achieve your development objectives, essentially unlocking your true potential. 


Great coaching lifts you up. You feel like you can do anything, try anything. It is a way to explore and develop new skills and behaviours. It can sometimes be uncomfortable as we explore the cause of certain current behaviours but it’s a safe place to do this. It should be challenging as I believe true, lasting change only comes from trying something outside your comfort zone and if it works, repeating until it becomes a new, learned behaviour.


My coaching is most effective for mid to senior-level executives in medium to large organisations who are about to experience, or are driving, change in their organisations. You may have just moved into a new, more senior role, or preparing to do so, and this might require a shift in the way you have worked and led your teams in the past. Some of the areas I have helped clients with in the past include:

  • Career and Role Transition

  • Insight into Learning & Leadership Style

  • Defining your core purpose

  • Impact & Influence Skills

  • Building Team Cohesiveness

  • Public Speaking

  • People Development Skills

  • Conflict Resolution

Work with me

My Approach

My role is to ask penetrating questions which take you into territory you may never have previously considered. In doing this, you will develop the capacity to reflect on yourself and others. The ultimate goal of coaching is to develop a level of self-awareness that means you begin self-coaching and no longer need me!

When I started coaching with Patrick I was in a new role which was daunting as it was my first leadership position and started at a time of turmoil across the company.

During the coaching process, I learnt how to focus on what’s important vs urgent and my confidence has hugely increased, resulting in improved interactions with both my management team and my sales team.

The learnings and ways of working I established during these coaching sessions,  continue to guide me today as I have moved into new roles, and faced further challenges.



Healthcare leader

What you will get from me

  • Focus on you as a “whole” person

  • Constructive Challenge

  • Patience

  • Empathy

  • Humour - it can lighten a moment and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously!

  • Hold you accountable and keep you focussed on your goals.

  • Confidentiality - what we discuss

What you won’t get from me

  • The answers - these come from you. My job is to give you the space to create your answers.

  • Advice - unless you specifically ask. My solution might not work in your situation.

  • Enable you to wallow in the past - I would much rather help you find your solutions.

  • Sugar-coating my feedback - why would you?

Why Me?

We probably have a lot of similarities! I had a great job in a large multinational company that I really enjoyed and allowed me to travel and live in many places, including Europe, the Middle East and Asia. I have led large teams of fantastic individuals that I would work with again in a heartbeat. 

As the roles became more senior, I realised getting “mired in the minutiae” was going to drive me (and the team) to distraction. The team didn’t need me telling them what to do, they wanted to co-create their objectives, and then for me to have their backs, develop them, and batter down doors to enable their success - a real lightbulb moment for me!

I also realised what made me most fulfilled and energized - it was enabling others to be more than they thought they could be. So I started coaching, first within the company and then set up my own coaching, training and consulting business.

Now, nothing makes me happier than working with a client and enabling them to have those “moments of illumination” (yes lightbulb moments!) where something just clicks, they have clarity and, with a few moments like this, real change starts to happen.


I also:

The Process

Chemistry Meeting

We meet, for free, no obligations on either side. I understand your needs and what you are looking to work on. You determine if I am the person you want to work with. Coaching is a very personal relationship and we have to feel we would be a great team.


Assuming we decide to work together, our first session is usually longer (+/-2 hours) where we explore your goals for the coaching. We explore what you want to be different in the future and how

this could potentially be achieved.

Set your goals

Acting on the insight from our initial exploration we co-create goals you want to achieve and identify what success looks like.

Get Cracking!

Where the magic happens! Looking for opportunities to try new things that change behaviours. Learn from the successes (and failures). I hold you accountable, challenge and share observations. You continue to push at a slightly “uncomfortable but not unsafe” pace.

Wind Up

The new behaviours are starting to take hold and you don’t need me anymore (I don’t take it personally!) We wrap up, agreeing on what we share with your boss and/or L&D team if required.

Coaching Packages

How much does an Executive Coach cost?

I offer a range of options based on your coaching needs. From a longer engagement to work on potentially more deep-rooted challenges to a short intensive one day coaching in beautiful surroundings to get you laser focussed on a clear plan to implement your goals. I also offer bespoke programmes to fit whatever corporate coaching programme you might have in place.

Are you ready? Get in contact to find out more.

Some of Our Clients

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