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Hospitality is all about people. 

We are obsessed with enabling teams and individuals to gain insights and skills to perform brilliantly and grow their business.



We asked Lightbulb Consulting to conduct a full commercial and systems audit for our hotel. Patrick’s approach and experience uncovered a number of things we are planning to action as part of our upcoming complete property renovation. We couldn’t be happier with the results!

We support our clients in three different, but complementary areas: hospitality commercial consulting, commercial training and executive coaching. 


Clients, big and small, approach us to help them solve a wide variety of challenges such as; in-depth assessments of trading performance, launching a new brand into a market or correctly positioning their current asset, giving advice during hotel sale transactions, to helping clients implement future-proofed distribution architecture. 


We are also asked to create bespoke training & coaching programmes to ensure people develop the skills to make their plans stick, and we stick around to make sure the plan is delivered. 


Whatever the need, our approach is simple. We gain insight into the challenge and identify the root causes and potential solutions. We engage the leadership and teams around those solutions, as we know that to make change happen, people need to believe in it. We deliver solutions, tailor-made for each client, with the expertise and team to back them up.

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