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Revenue Management Strategy

Sales Frameworks

Marketing & Loyalty Planning

Optimizing Distribution Landscapes

Brand Development

To drive commercial performance, there are clear commercial areas to focus on. Lightbulb Consulting provides support across all these disciplines.

Revenue Management Strategy

The right tactics and distribution to boost revenue growth.

  • Strategy Development - bringing together all the elements that make a solid commercial strategy.

  • Pricing Structure - develop a pricing framework suitable for the market.


  • Total Revenue Management - a real passion of ours! Enabling hotels to drive revenues and reduce costs across the commercial spectrum and bring them together into a coherent strategy.


  • Meeting & Events Revenue Management - Often one of the biggest revenue drivers with the least commercial strategy applied.


  • Food & Beverage Revenue Management - looking not only at potential revenue opportunities but also reducing the costs associated.


  • Forensic Data Analysis and Performance Review - using our own business intelligence tools to identify your biggest opportunities.


  • Software & systems selection - helping decide the right systems based on your specific requirements.


  • Commercial performance audit for asset acquisition - helping prospective owners really understand the current and probable future performance of an asset.


  • Interim Revenue Management - Maternity and sickness and role transition cover for all levels.

Revenue Management Strategy

Optimising Distribution Landscapes

Be on the right shelves, easy to book, at the lowest cost.

  • Pricing Control - creating a bespoke pricing strategy by channel.

  • Ease of Operation - identifying the best way to optimise time spent managing the channels.


  • Channel Mix and Optimisation - identifying the ideal channel mix by day of week and season.


  • Understanding Costs - per channel (what does, and doesn’t appear on the P&L).


  • Ideal Distribution Architecture - creating a future-proofed ecosystem.​​

Optimising Distribution Landscape

Brand Development

Positioning the hotel to compete with a clear advantage.

  • Business Positioning - to create a competitive, sustainable advantage in the minds of customers.

  • Brand and Marketing Company Selection - Identifying the ideal partners based on customer type, location and brand fit.


  • Creating New Brands - from identifying the brand framework and guest experience to creating brand standards.


Brand Development

Sales Frameworks

Proposing brilliant client solutions.

  • Sales life cycle - identifying blockages presenting conversion.

  • Sales plan/strategy development - creating a coherent strategy everyone understands.


  • Stakeholder mapping - identifying the importance and impact of each on the business.


Sales Framework

Marketing & Loyalty Planning

Communicating your value to the market.

  • Digital strategy - developing plans to attract the right customers via the most cost-effective channels.

  • Smart spend in channels - allocating funds in the most effective way.


  • Optimal customer segmentation - Developing marketing strategies that create additional demand or shifting segments.

  • Loyalty  - creating value for loyal customers, with or without a formal loyalty programme.


Marketing & Loyalty Planning

Patrick and the Lightbulb team supported us in a number of commercial projects, including helping enhance our revenue management culture across the business and positioning all our hotels and spa in their respective markets. They also helped develop the brand proposition for one of our hotels and provide guidance on the ideal brand and marketing affiliation programmes for a planned new development. Across all projects, they worked closely with my teams, gaining buy-in at every step from all stakeholders - a perfect fit for our business!


Didier Boidin

(Former) Director General, Hotel Operations & Purchasing

Société des Bains de Mer, Monaco 

Our Clients

We work with a range of clients from luxury independent hotels, Aparthotels, Student and long stay accommodation providers, to mid-scale chain brands.

Meet the team

Founded by Patrick Wimble in 2016, Lightbulb Consulting has a network of associates with specific skill sets in all commercial areas.

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