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When I started coaching with Patrick I was in a new role which was daunting as it was my first leadership position and started at a time of turmoil across the company. During the coaching process, I learnt how to focus on what’s important vs urgent and my confidence has hugely increased, resulting in improved interactions with both my management team and my sales team. The learnings and ways of working I established during these coaching sessions,  continue to guide me today as I have moved into new roles, and faced further challenges.


Healthcare leader

Whilst I was in a comfortable position, my lack of confidence was holding me back from making a significant contribution to the company. Patrick’s questions and coaching made me question my own attitude and confidence issues. He did not give me the answers, but I was guided by the questions to find my own solutions. This has improved my confidence by talking more openly to leadership and my team and has opened countless doors and opportunities as a result.


Hospitality Leader

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I felt rather aimless, anxious and pretty confused in terms of what direction I was going professionally. Patrick enabled me to surface my more deeply entrenched values, beliefs and behaviours - probably the most impactful drivers of all. As a result, I am clearer on a more meaningful and integrated picture of what I want from my professional life.


NGO Leader

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